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Export Entreprises S.A.:

Société Anonyme [Public limited company] with capital of Euro 801,823.68
Headquarters: 1 rue de Stockholm 75008,PARIS
Registered with the RCS Paris under the SIREN No: 9505 7 1224
Telephone: 00331 4 256 4160
Publication director: Etienne Vauchez, General Director of Export Entreprises
Contact us: info@export-entreprises.com
The information you provide through electronic correspondence is intended for internal use only and will not be published nor passed onto third parties.

Terms of use of the Export Hub website


The Welsh Government has chosen EXPORT ENTERPRISES S.A. as a service provider of information to their customers relating to import and export operations, that the latter has collected from its partners.

Any use of this internet website constitutes unconditional acceptance of the particulars contained in these terms of use.

1. Definitions

  • "Export Hub ": the name of the website concerned by these terms of use (hereinafter the "Site"), owned by Export Hub.
  • Client: any Wales-based company using the free services of the "Export Hub" Site; each Client is represented by one (or several) User(s), physical person(s) authorised by the Client to use the Site on his behalf. In order to access the services of the Site, the User must complete the Identification Form.
  • User: any physical person performing functions for a Client, who has been issued a User password.
  • Identification Form: a document completed by the User, which allows him to log on to the Site and access its services.
  • User password: a secret code which the User has chosen to access the services offered on the Export Hub Site and to preserve exclusive rights of access to his own User Profile.
  • User Profile: All information relating to a User, including information characterising the activity of the Client, his User name and the memory space and directories ​​made available to the User by EXPORT ENTERPRISES S.A.
  • Directory: memory space allocated to the User on the Export Hub Site, where he can receive answers to his questions; the directory is also called the Export Hub "Message Board".
  • Subscription Form: online form to subscribe to the "Business Alert", a personalised information Business Alert service, available to the Users of Export Hub, which allows them to receive, through their Export Hub E-mail service, market research studies and sector memos related to their industry sector and concerning specific geographical areas.
  • Partner: companies other than EXPORT ENTERPRISES S.A. involved in the production of information or services offered by the Site.

2. Purpose of the Export Hub website

The sole objective of Export Hub is to help independently acting professionals, such as companies, self-employed persons, merchants, craftsmen, or any other entities that seek to develop their overseas business. It consists of two parts:

  • Freely accessible information: Country profiles, statistical information, glossary, news;
  • Information and services requiring registration: Industry information, Business Alert service, services, the access to which is limited to Clients, that is to say companies or professionals who have previously logged on to the Site.

The Welsh Government, therefore, allows their Clients to access information provided by EXPORT ENTREPRISES S.A.
All information available on the Export Hub Site is for informational purposes only and the response periods given by EXPORT ENTERPRISES S.A are indicative. The Welsh Government shall not be held liable for the content of information provided on the Site or response periods of EXPORT ENTERPRISES S.A. The Client remains solely responsible for the use of this information and the results thereof. It is his responsibility to verify the relevance of the information provided, before its use.

Identification becomes effective once the Client has completed the mandatory input fields and confirmed his identification. EXPORT ENTERPRISES S.A. reserves the right to refuse access to the Site if "identification" is inaccurate or incomplete.

The access to Export Hub Site is restricted to informed and qualified professionals. EXPORT ENTERPRISES S.A. reserves the right to deny access to a Client who is not a professional or who has completed his Identification Form using false information.

3. Coverage of the terms of use

These terms of use apply to all domain names registered by Export Hub Site, as well as to any service offered by Export Entreprises S.A. All services of the Site are free of charge and subject to close attention; in order to avoid abuse, EXPORT ENTERPRISES S.A. reserves the right not to respond to users who would use the free services, in a way that is inappropriate or unrelated to their actual needs.

The Export Hub Site offers many services. Some of these are produced by EXPORT ENTERPRISES SA; others are made available by EXPORT ENTREPRISES S.A, but produced by third parties, partners of EXPORT ENTERPRISES S.A.; some may be offered on the Export Hub Site directly by partners of EXPORT ENTERPRISES S,A.

These terms of use, which can be accessed from the different webpages of the Site, by clicking on the link "Terms of Use" (or TOU), take precedence over any form of paper document; EXPORT ENTERPRISES S.A. reserves the right to modify these terms without notice.

4. Use of the Site

It is expressly forbidden to use or access the Site, including any of its Main Sections, for illegal or non-authorised purposes. In particular, the following actions are not allowed:

1) Use of the Site in any manner that may cause damages, interruptions, inefficiencies or defective functioning of the Site or the device of a third party;

2) Use of the Site for the transmission, installation or publication of any virus, malicious code or any other harmful file designed to interrupt, destroy or limit the functionality of any computer software or hardware or telecommunications equipment or system;

3) Use of the Site for the collection of personal data;

4) Use of the Site in any unlawful manner or in a manner which promotes or encourages illegal activity;

5) The unauthorised access to any section of the Site, to any systems or networks connected to the Site, or to the server/s used by Us or Our provider/s, as well as access to the products and/or services offered through the Site through piracy or hacking, password mining or any other illegitimate means;

6) The breach or the attempt to breach the security or authentication measures of the Site or any network that is connected to the Site, as well as the security or authentication measures associated to the content that is hosted in the Site;

7) Performing an action that may cause an unnecessary or disproportionate load on the Site, or which may damage, disable or overburden its infrastructure, or the systems and networks used by Us or Our provider/s, as well as the systems and networks connected to the Site;

8) Carrying out any action that causes a disproportionate or unnecessary saturation in the Site or in the systems or networks used by Us or Our provider/s, as well as in the systems and networks connected to the Site.

Failure to comply with any of the aforementioned obligations may entail the application of any measures that We may deem necessary or merely convenient, without the obligation to compensate You for any damages which may arise as a result.

In any case, You expressly accept that users of the Site are the only ones responsible for the use of the Site and its contents.

We expressly reserve the right to suspend, block, modify, restrict or temporarily or permanently interrupt Your access, navigation and/or use of the Site, with or without prior notice, if We notice that You are infringing any of the provisions detailed in the Terms or any other applicable terms.

5. The conditions of access to Export Hub Site

The Site can be accessed 24 hours a day, except for periods of downtime, due to updates or maintenance or in cases of technical problems, particularly of telecommunication operators. The service interruption is not subject to any form of compensation.

EXPORT ENTERPRISES S.A. carries out research and processes requests from Users during weekdays and during normal working hours in France, from Monday to Friday, from 9 am to 6 pm.

5.1. Once a Client has activated the service, EXPORT ENTERPRISES S.A. carries out the required research and makes every effort to deliver a result within the announced timeframe. EXPORT ENTERPRISES S.A. will make every effort to meet planned deadlines. However EXPORT ENTERPRISES S.A. shall not be held liable for exceeding the time indicated, either by itself or by its partners and correspondents.

EXPORT ENTERPRISES S.A. reserves the right to refuse a request from a Client if it appears, a priori, that its own resources, partners and correspondents will not be able to meet the Client's request.

Moreover, if during the processing of a request it appears that the resources, partners and correspondents of EXPORT ENTERPRISES S.A. will not be able to meet the Client's demand, it is the responsibility of EXPORT ENTERPRISES S.A. to inform the Client as soon as possible. In case EXPORT ENTERPRISES S.A. stops the research, the Client cannot request any compensation from EXPORT ENTERPRISES S.A.

5.2. The delivery of the results:
Upon validation of the payment, EXPORT ENTREPRISES S.A. will commence the requested search.

The execution time frames are given for information purposes only.

EXPORT ENTREPRISES S.A. shall do its utmost to keep to the stated estimated time frames.

However, EXPORT ENTREPRISES S.A. cannot be held liable in case it fails to keep to the time frames, given by it or by its correspondents.

EXPORT ENTREPRISES S.A. reserves the right to refuse a request for a Client if it turns out that neither its own resources nor its correspondents are able to satisfy the Client's request. In this case, EXPORT ENTREPRISES S.A. shall notify the Client of its refusal, by E-mail, as quickly as possible, after the order's validation.

In addition, if, during the handling of a request, it turns out that the resources or correspondents of EXPORT ENTREPRISES S.A. are unable to reply to the Client's request, EXPORT ENTREPRISES S.A. undertakes to inform the Client as quickly as possible.
If the search is abandoned by EXPORT ENTREPRISES S.A., the amounts paid by the Client shall be returned to the latter, although the Client cannot request any other compensation.

The reply is sent to the Client by E-mail, to the address indicated on the identification form.

Receipt of this message, deemed as acknowledgment of receipt, shall be understood as delivery of the requested service.

5.2.1 Exemption of the Welsh Government's liability

The services ordered by the Client from EXPORT ENTREPRISES S.A. are rendered by EXPORT ENTREPRISES S.A. under its sole and entire responsibility.

Under no circumstances may the Welsh Government be held liable, as a result of failures to perform by EXPORT ENTREPRISES S.A. in rendering the services offered on the Site or, as a result of information provided by EXPORT ENTREPRISES S.A.

6. Subscription to the Business Alert service

Subscription is free of charge. The User indicates, using keywords or choosing from a dropdown menu, which sector(s) of activity (or product details) and which countries he is interested in.

7. Acceptance of receiving promotional materials from the Welsh Government

You accept to be contacted by the Welsh Government for promotional purposes.

8. The liability of EXPORT ENTREPRISES S.A.

(*) In the production of services, the edition of the contents and the links (re-routings) offered by the site:

EXPORT ENTREPRISES S.A. will make every effort to provide complete, reliable and up-to-date information.

However, given the difficulties of accessing information, difficulties connected to the variety of information sources, to the delays, absences and poor conditions of publications and advertising, issues of updating and translating the information concerned, the instability of legal frameworks, of regulation and all kinds of norms more generally, the results and information supplied by EXPORT ENTREPRISES S.A. to the Clients and Users are only indicative and cannot, in any case, give rise to liability of either EXPORT ENTREPRISES S.A. or any of its partners or correspondents, in cases when information or results are found to be incomplete or outdated.

In addition, EXPORT ENTREPRISES S.A. shall not be held responsible for information, commercial offers and other contents of the websites to which the Site has created links.
Finally, EXPORT ENTREPRISES S.A. shall not be held liable for information which will be posted on the Site, because of a malicious act of a third party against its computer system and is not responsible for the disadvantages, technical incidents, viruses and other problems resulting from the use of electronics and telecommunications.

EXPORT ENTERPRISES S.A. shall not be held responsible in any way whatsoever for any direct or indirect damages, for any kind of harm suffered by the User or the Client due to: (i) the responses provided to clients, (ii) the temporary unavailability of the Export Hub Site, (iii) its possible suspensions or interruptions for any reason whatsoever, including technical problems or suspensions for the reasons of maintenance, (iv) other unauthorised persons becoming aware or using the User's password, (v) the exceeding of the response periods announced by EXPORT ENTERPRISES S.A., or by its partners and correspondents, (vi) a force majeure.

Clients and Users are solely responsible for the questions they formulate and for their use of the information and results provided.

EXPORT ENTERPRISES S.A. and its partners undertake to keep their Clients' requests confidential.
Finally, neither party can be held liable in case of a force majeure. Beyond the habitual legal definition, as force majeure are considered any delays or improper performance of the obligations of the parties, as a result of a partial or total strike, internal or external to either one of the parties, affecting the activity of the said party, war, riots, civil unrest, storms, floods, transport or telecommunications blockages, and, more generally, any event beyond the control of the party that is victim to these unforeseeable circumstances or to a force majeure.

If a force majeure or unforeseen circumstances prevent the running of the service and, in particular, no longer allow access to the Site and the provision of services contained therein for more than 30 consecutive days, each party would be free to terminate this contract without notice and by a registered letter with a return receipt. In this case, the User password will be deleted from the database by EXPORT ENTERPRISES S.A.

9. The User password

Each User has a confidential and personal "password" by which he identifies himself on the Site.

The password is placed under the sole responsibility of the User, who must take all necessary steps to preserve its confidentiality; he shall not disclose it to third parties, including other Users or any other person working for the Client.

10. Ownership of information

Subscription or identification does not constitute a right of ownership to the information provided. Users and Clients consult Export Hub Site on their own behalf. EXPORT ENTERPRISES S.A. has the necessary permissions to use all rights concerning the information, data, texts, tables, photographs and graphics available on the Export Hub Site.

Accordingly, the Client and Users agree to use the data, information and responses received by the "Export Hub" service solely for their own internal needs, to not communicate them to others, free of charge or otherwise, and not to sell them, directly or indirectly. Failure to comply with this requirement shall result in the cancellation of the subscription and identification, without prejudice to any claim for damages that EXPORT ENTERPRISES S.A. could bring against the offender.

11. Assistance

Full information about the site, the use of its services, etc. can be obtained by accessing the Contact page here.

12. Site maintenance

The company EXPORT ENTERPRISES S.A. reserves the right to terminate all or part of the contents and services provided by the Site, for maintenance reasons or otherwise, without it being subject to compensation.

13. Data Protection

All the personal data provided by a User during their use of the Site will be processed and used in accordance with the Site's Privacy Notice, which must be expressly accepted by a User when registering to create a Site profile.

14. Jurisdiction

These terms and conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of England and Wales. Any dispute arising under these terms and conditions shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of England and Wales.

Written in Paris, 18th November 2019